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GFF MIC is the main investment project for Datang Financial. Since its establishment five years ago, the professional team has strictly controlled risk and passed market inspections, gradually becoming a stable and high-yield project trusted by investors.

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What are MICs?

MIC - Canadian specialty investment and financial management project - a financing company approved by the Canadian federal government in 1973. As an issuer and lending institution, MIC issues loans to borrowers through real estate collateral. 100% of the net income from interest and other income from mortgage loans minus administrative expenses will be transferred to investors.  

Main features of MIC

  • MICs enjoy corporate income tax exemption.

  • 100% of the MIC profit rate is distributed to investors.

  • All collateral for loans is in the name of MIC.

  • MIC is regulated by three independent agencies of the Canadian government, the Taxation Bureau, the Banking Regulatory Bureau and the Securities Bureau.

  • Every investment into the MIC pool is reflected in the annual financial statement.

  • Audited by an independent accounting firm.

About Datang Capital
Professional team and strict risk control

GFF MIC Fund Pool - GFF Capital's investment so farThere is no breach of contract.

It is a rare investment project that maintains a stable cash flow during the epidemic.
Every investment is backed by real estate.
GFF MIC mainly invests in the first loan, with low risk.
Stable monthly dividend cash flow.

High returns

Since the launch of GFF MIC, the annualized rate has remained above 7.7%.

Strict risk control

The LTV ratio for GFF MIC is set at 65% of the property's total value (typically 80% in the market).

Fund pool return form

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 4.13.22 PM.png
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