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Hot Projects in Global Fit Financial - Commercial Loans

Small businesses have been shrouded in the shadow of the pandemic in recent years, and various assistance programs and complex procedures have left small business owners at a loss. During the pandemic, Datang Financial launched a loan financing program for resuming work and production, which helped many small business owners overcome difficulties. There are also various commercial loan programs available to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in injecting strong capital and revitalizing their financial chains.

Existing specialized business loans
100,000 low-interest business loan

- Free planning consultation

- Simple process

- Annual interest rate as low as 2.8%

- No collateral required

- Fast approval of mortgages


 Suitable for small business owners who need to resume work and production, and the capital chain is broken

Loans with cash flow of over 100,000

- Apply for large loans at low cost

- Free planning consultation

- Simple process

- Fast approval of mortgages


Suitable for business people who need to expand business scale and restructure capital structure

Existing specialized business loans

- Streamlined procedures to save time

Low-cost application for startup funding

- Free consultation and customized solutions

- Flexible loans with adjustable limits

- High success rate

Suitable for entrepreneurs of all kinds.


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